We are Joyce and Barika Chorney , a mother and daughter team, who opened our boutique shop On The Table Linen and Décor at 4373 Main Street in June of 2015.

Our aim is to encourage people toget back to the table with family, friends, and good food—to “faire chapelle,” a regional French expression meaning to open your house to family and friends. A welcoming, well-decorated table has always been a part of our family history. Setting an inviting table makes food taste better and demonstrates the love and care we have for the people with whom we want to share good food. Fine linen, fresh flowers, pleasing décor, candles and soft lighting create this warm ambience.

We’d also like to remind the public of the value of linen—its ability to withstand centuries of use, its rustic organic authentic feel, and its textile tradition, which makes linen a fabric of the highest sustainable quality. Some of our European vendors have been in business for over a century producing items that are timeless, classic, and unique.